Don’t Eat Leftover Food From The Kids’ Plates!

Yesterday while cleaning up after dinner, I realized that I was cleaning all my kids plates; eating the left overs.  I was thinking that I cannot left such good meal be wasted, then I caught myself in the middle of another mouthful, and thought, If it does not get wasted, what’s the alternative…..throw it in the garbage can…..which is what???? MY STOMACH!!!

I had to reassess my position on saving food, and the world.  As much as I would like to send all the leftover food to starving kids, they won’t let me because of  fear of contamination, and of course lawsuits.  So bottom line, I can’t save leftovers for the world, and my stomach cannot be the garbage can, so I threw the rest out, into the “real” garbage can.

That whole point reminds me of an incident on one of my vacations. We were staying at a hotel, and about 9:30 pm food was brought out to the tables, and lots of it.  About 10:30pm, a gentleman came, pulled the tablecloths with all the food on it into the garbage.  I was flabbergasted…..we are talking about a lot of food in a poor country.  I asked the waitress why all the food was not collected and given to the homeless and she explained that they can’t due to the policy  of the hotel. Workers were not even allowed to take it home to their hungry kids, talk about waste!  Anyway, back to me and us.  Guys try not to over cook, so that you are not tempted to save the leftovers with your stomach.

Do yourself and your family a favor, for health and well being, don’t eat the left overs. When your kids are finished, you should be too.

PS:  Please save the good leftovers for another day’s meal.  I mean don’t eat the left overs from the plates 🙂


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