Are You A Breastfeeding Mom Enough?

Are you mom enough?  What makes you mom enough, is it how long you breastfeed, is it how much time you spend doing for your kids instead of teaching them to do for themselves?

We women have been called many names, helicopter moms, soccer moms, and hockey moms.    It seems as though we are always been defined in the media by what and how much we do for the kids and their activities.  All these names are annoying, but none of these names have annoyed me as much as the Newsweek cover I saw today with the question, “Are you mom enough.”  Are they now trying to define us by how long we breastfeed our kids?

Today, when I saw the Time magazine cover of a woman breastfeeding an older child,  I was quite appalled.  I was not appalled because of the breastfeeding act itself, I just wondered why a mother would subject her son to such public scrutiny for her own financial gain.  I have no doubt in my mind that this is what it’s all about, as I have learned that her blog site got so much hits the server that hosted her site went down.   Let me give some famous examples of two kids who did nothing themselves and yet made the news and are still followed around today:

1. Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean.  She was a baby when he died, but even today, she is known by all and followed by the tabloids

2. The baby on the cover of “Nevermind” album.  I think there was a write up on him last year when he turned 20 years old.  He did nothing to merit such attention except being born.  He is forever labeled the Nirvana baby.

Can you imagine what that boy will be called, the “breastfeeding baby”?  Will we be following stories of the breastfeeding baby as he turn 20?  Were his mom, Time magazine and the photographer oblivious to the possible impacts in his future, and totally ignore this for financial gain?  as I have stated earlier, I think so.


Breastfeeding is certainly good for babies, not only do they get the necessary antibodies to protect them in the early stages of development, it provides a bonding experience for both mother and child.  How long show we breastfeed?  It is my opinion that this is a personal decision.  The mother or family decides based on family circumstances, such as the mother’s job, health concerns.  There is no hard and fast rule.  Different cultures also have different standards and mores regarding the topic.

All my three kids were breastfed.  The first went for 1 year, the second 9 months, and the third only 4 months.  Notice that it tapered off as our family grew.  One of the biggest factors with the third guys was that my job at the time did not have a convenient pumping room, so the milk dried up before we were finished, plus he did not want to continue as long as the others, so it also depends on the child as in this case.   In the case of the woman on the magazine cover, I have learned that the boy is 4 years old.  That is fine if she wants to breastfeed that one, it’s her prerogative.   I am just disgusted with the use of the child so publicly and distastefully to make a point.  She could have concealed his identity by putting a blanket over his head the way we do when we breastfeed in public.


Being a working mom in this work certainly makes us mom enough, we don’t need to feel any further guilt about breastfeeding.  We get up in the morning and make breakfast, put the kids on the bus or drive them to school, we go to work for 8 to 10 hours, go to after school activities, volunteer in school, and cook, clean and the rest.

The people who writes articles for these large magazines seems so out of touch at times at the real issues and real problems of real mothers and women.  We are mom enough, and it has nothing to do with breastfeeding!

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