Vacation Time — No more Hotels

Vacations can be stressful; the planning, packing, traveling, and keeping the kids together.  One of the biggest decision of the vacation is where to stay, choosing the right place to stay can make your vacation much easier and less stressful.

Making the decision to choose a hotel or private home is largely dependent on the number of people traveling and your desire for privacy.  We were staying in hotels until my family grew from 4 to 6, now it’s just too expensive to rent an hotel suite, and a rooms are too small, so we rent vacation homes, typically from sites such as or  I have found these to be much more convenient and cost effective now that my family has grown and the kids are older and bigger.  Some of the advantages of staying in a home rather than a hotel are:

  1. You don’t have to worry about the kids disturbing the neighbors in the next room
  2. Having a stove and refrigerator is convenient, and significantly reduces the cost of eating out
  3. Having more space is also a plus, as everyone can have a bedroom if you choose a place with the right space
  4. Entertainment is provided as the homes typically have foosball and pool tables, games such as Wii and Xbox and cable television.

Currently we are in Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains and are staying in a Chalet with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.  We have chosen to share with another family, each of us paying $750.00 for 4 days.  This definitely beats the price of staying in a hotel.

Next time you decide to vacation with your family, take a look at this option, it will definitely make your life a lot easier!


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