Get the Salary You Want Upon Hire

As a manager at a large company, I have seen many people complain that they are not making enough money, and are asking for huge increases to make up for the deficient salary request they made coming into the position.  What are the guidelines you should use when being hired and requesting a salary?


Be aware of all factors influencing salary

  1. Research the general salary range of the position for which you are applying, make sure you know how much you are worth.  Factors are typically years of experience and educational level.
  2. If you know someone on the inside ask what the salaries are to get an idea of what to ask for
  3. Know the typical salary for the region of the country in which you are living or moving to?
  4. Is the position with a private organization or with a government agency? Generally the government agencies salaries are a fraction less than the private companies
  5. Is the position an entry level one or one that requires years of experience?

Know Your Salary Bottom Line

  1. What are your financial obligations?
  2. What do you think you are worth given all the above factors?
  3. Don’t ask for the bottom of the range from the research above, this will give some room for negotiations
  4. What is your current salary?  know if you can survive with a lateral salary move, or if you need to have an increase
  5. Will it be worth your while leaving your current position if you were not offered an increase?


In the end, after doing the research and analyzing your situation, ask for the salary be want, but also be willing to negotiate within predetermined limits.  If you decide to take a salary decrease, be willing to live for some time knowing that it will take a while to get back to where you want to be, and know that your manager cannot be held responsible for the decision.  I have seen many individuals come into a position asking for less than they really want in order to secure the position, then within the first year or less, they bemoan the salary, make themselves and everyone around them miserable.  This is not the position to be in.

Know your worth, know what you want and ask for it!


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