Grandparents – How Important Are They?

I have always wished that my kids grandparents were close by, the fact that I have moved away from home, and don’t see my parents very often.  I sometimes wonder if I did my did a dis-service by moving away from my parents.  How important are grandparents in our kids life?

Grandparents give children and society a sense of continuity, I thinks kids need to develop respect and empathy for all ages and stages of life.  Not only do they develop respect for elderly individuals, they get to see how we care for our parents.  This will provide a model for them on how to care for us as we age.

As parents and primary caregivers of our kids, we are always teaching, disciplining and coaching.  Grandparents provides a reprieve for both us and our kids.  The kids can be around the grandparents and be spoiled for a while, and we can relax and possibly rejuvenate our relationship knowing that the kids are with the grandparents, who hopefully share our values.

Grandparents benefit from being around the kids as well.  I have seen that kids enhance their life; the grandparents’ can participate in youthful activities, and not be stuck in activities for retired people only.

If you have parents who want to be involved in the grand children’s lives, and can be close enough to participate, this relationship should be encouraged.

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