Outsmarting Kids On The SmartPhone

So you have bought your kid a smartphone and it’s driving you crazy…even though you have some protective services on when the use WIFI, you totally lose control.  How do you regain some sanity and make sure they are protected?  Here are a few things you can do.

There are some apps that you can use to help you regain or maintain control. With these software packages, you can set phone usage times, monitor texts, and lock apps that you don’t want them to have access to.  After you have read, you can decide which of these or similar tools will work for you.  These are simply suggestions, and should be used as a starting point for what you can do. Lets start with the tools in no order of importance:

  1. PhoneSheriff, this not only monitors the texts on the smartphone, it also provides GPS tracking so you know where they are.  You can also set timing controls, so that you decide which times of the day the phone can be used.  This is great for homework time and bedtime.
  2. Smart AppLock Pro powered by Think Yeah, this app locks any application or service on the smartphone that you don’t want them to have access to.  Using this, you can lock market, you-tube, camera, pretty much anything that is one the phone.  For example, I used it to block settings as I did not want my kids to go in and enable WIFI anywhere.  There are other app lockers if you don’t like the interface of this product.
  3. Text tracker from App1Studios, this actually shows you the actual texts received and sent on the smartphone.  However, if you phoneSheriff, you don’t need this application.
  4. Controlling the market setting is a part of the android smartphone software.  When you control market setting, apps cannot be purchased over the maturity level that you have set without your permission.  To do this select market->menu->settings->content filtering.  After this, you then set a password so that they cannot access apps above the level that you have set.
  5. Safe eyes mobile will work for the iPhone and iPad devices, this is the only SW application you would need in this case.  You will be able to go in and set the privileges remotely controlling where and when they can surf, and what rating they are allowed.

Using all these tools will take some time as you have to install and configure them, but if you are serious about keeping your kids safe, it’s worth the effort.  In the end if it’s too much, you can revert to a simple flip phone :-).

Good Luck with your smartphone monitoring, and let me know how you make out!


  1. Ryan Miller says:

    Parents, need to know what their kids are doing and keep them safe. Kids are able to access just about anything. This is why I really like Phone Sheriff for monitoring kids devices. They will never out smart another parent. Lol

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