On Going Green —— Do we have to be totally paperless?

It’s a little after midnight, and the kids are in bed.  I have tucked everybody in, and now I am getting to the emails from the teachers!Don’t you like me sometimes wish we were not so paperless.  I wish I could just read those notes from school, sign them and then move on.  Nope, I have to read kid’s 1 email, kid’s 2 email, and so on.  Then, to check the grades, I have to log into another system, and another system.  How about checking the lunch account, yet another system…dare have 4 kids in 3 different schools! The emails and the sites to check.  Anyway, I am just about finished with school, now to start with my personal emails, and bills.  Yet more websites and passwords.  Yes, we are almost paperless!

I will be finished in 15 mins, and then, I will find something to read….on paper! LOL!

Any thoughts?


  1. arowumi@gmail.com says:

    I love the comments somtimes though i wish i were like you because i am over run by paper lol!. Can i get an e-maill every now and then? But i do understand what you mean, yeah Technology!.

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