Should My Kids Want My Job or Career?

My friends kids and mine all have this in common, they don’t want our careers. Without exception, they all say no. It never fails, regardless of the standard of living we have made for them to be comfortable.  When asked what they want to be, they choose something at the other end of the spectrum.  Is it cultural, or is it that we make our lives and careers seem too formidable and restrictive for ours kids?  I will address a bit of both.  These kids are indeed different from us culturally as they are growing up in a different age, and also we have to be careful how we portray or jobs and workplace.

Our kids are generally referred to as the Millennials or Gen Y. They are also called the Trophy generation because the way they were mostly raised, and not necessarily by us.  Just participation is enough to get them a trophy, no longer do they need to be the MVP to earn one. We have seen this in our kid’s sports program today, everybody gets a trophy! Because of this mentality that we have bestowed on them, they look at us working long hard hours for a paycheck, and it does not makes sense to them. In their world, you deserve it whether you work hard or not. So maybe we won’t get them to like our jobs or even want to do the same, but here are some things we can do to offset the external influences, and not promote a bad image of the workplace or the job ourselves.

  1. Don’t come home and talk about your job and your boss in a denigrating manner, you can share positives and negatives, but have a good attitude.
  2. Don’t leave your home for the job as if you are going to serve a part of your prison sentence
  3. Try to have a balanced life, show your kids that work, play and family can coexist
  4. Talk about the fulfilling aspects of your job

Whatever career or kids choose, let’s try to instill the value of hard work, integrity and honor in them so that they can be worthy of a real trophy, and it won’t be for just showing up.

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