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When you are working, the kids might come home from school before you do, what do you do for homework help?
There are many website that offer help with homework, but most of them are not free, and this can be a huge burden for parents who are already strapped for cash.
I have found some useful sites that my kids have been using to get assistance and practice when I am not around or when I am.

First, the tool that you will need, depends on our objective. If you are looking for worksheets or practice exercises, especially ones that the kids can do online and all you have to do is check their score, there is Beestar.org, this is a site that has exercises geared towards kids of different ages, you select the age.  There is a set to do each week, and you can check their score at the end of the week.  This is excellent as you don’t have to pay for Kumon, and you also don’t have to grade the exercises yourself.

How about homework assistance? especially in the harder subjects such as Math.  There is an extremely good tutoring site.  This is called Kahn Academy.  This is the best of its kind.  The tutors explain all the concepts online and your kids can follow along, then try on their own.  Best of all it is FREE!

I have used others such as,

  1. MathWorksheetsCenter.com
  2. Worksheetlibrary.com
  3. edHelper.com

However offer some useful sheets that you can give the kids to practice.  You will have answer sheets as well that will save you the effort of solving the problems yourself.  On these sites you will get some free materials, but for more comprehensive materials, you will have to pay.  This is the reason I like Kahn Academy as it does the tutoring and give the practice all for free.

In you quest for homework help, don’t forget that internet safety is important, so use an application such as Safe Eyes, so that you can protect the kids from going to websites that they are not supposed to.

Happy Homework Helping!


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