Handling Heartbreak of Any Kind

How do you handle heartbreak?
– Do you cry?
– Do you scream?
– Do you Lash out at the person who caused it?
– Do you Lash out at yourself for making a mistake and beat yourself up about it?

I am a bit more practical. I figure you can’t get back the spilt milk, if you apologize to the hurt party and try to make amends and they want to move on with their lives, then give them room to do so. Don’t lash out, don’t try to get mean or nasty to get back at anyone. Life is too short to be angry. Figure out how to deal with your hurt the best way you can and move on.

Life happens and hurt happens, find your good place and go there. Don’t ever let heartbreak determine the rest of your life, the path you take and how you deal with others.

Move on!! and do it gracefully.

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