Should Kids be Allowed To Use Facebook?

Many of you might have gotten the Facebook question.  I answered “NO” for 2 years until my oldest guy turned 13 years old.  It was difficult for me to say yes, but I thought the only way for him to gain trust was to earn it.  So I buckled 🙂

At fist I told him that he could have it and I did not have to be his friend, however I laid down some basic ground rules regarding the times that could be spent on it, and what was acceptable language and image postings.

  1. If anything could not be said in front of me, it was not acceptable to post of Facebook
  2. He could not be on while I am at work, all Facebook activities had to be done while I am at home and in the kitchen where the computer is.
  3. Lastly, I did not want to see him with any friends who were not in his age group

With those guidelines in mind, he was off and running; very excited to tell his friends that he had a Facebook page.

I checked in on Facebook  frequently and within 1 month my little “angel” had a posting that I considered inappropriate, like I said, if it could not be said around me it was!  He lost the privilege for two months, and when he got back on, I had to be in his friend list! He just hated that!

As working women, we have to be especially firm and specific with the rules of the computer and social media especially since we might not be around immediately after school to monitor the kids’ activities.  You may or may not share my philosophies or agree with my methods or point of view, but whatever yours are, just make them so that your kids are protected, and also that they are not being the bullies on Facebook.

Bottom line, it’s up to you to decide when to give your kids that privilege. Make sure you consider their maturity level, and ability to handle the responsibility, and be vigilant!

Facebook is a very interesting and controversial topic, so leave your comments.


  1. I don’t think there is any right age for a child. It should depend on how mature the child is, which varies by child. Left up to me, FB should only be used by adults, but that would be extreme :-). I think, even some adults shouldn’t use FB :-).
    It is hard to patrol FB that is wide open. Also when the kids go to their friends homes, then they can FB as much as they like, especially, if the rules are not similar to your household and kids do wise up.

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