Going To the Doctor, Clear Your Calendar!

Why is it we are asked to go to the doctor’s office at least 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork, etc, and they expect us to be on time. Yet, even after we respect their schedule and show up, we still have to wait, and wait and wait to see the doctor?

As a working mother, I have very little time to spare, so I budget it wisely.  I book in advance; play-dates, extra curricular activities, summer camps, car maintenance and of course doctor’s appointments.  For the most part my schedule is maintained, and my wait times are nominal, except when I visit the doctor’s office. Make sure you clear your schedule before you go.

You wait in the lobby for your name to be called….you hear your name, and of course, you are so happy, Yes! I have only waited 1 hour….then…..you get taken into a room in the back, is the doctor there?..NO…..and again you wait.  You wait for yet another hour or two.  Now imagine being me, with 4 children doing this time and time again, sheer torture!

This is one of the most frustrating exercises for me, as I like to be early and I try to respect other people’s time.  I would really like the doctor’s office to also respect mine.  So if there are doctors reading this, please don’t overbook…..and at least see me when I get to the back room.  I have a suggestion for you.  The person who came late and will cause you to run behind, why don’t you reschedule them, or have them wait instead of me.  Also figure your patient will ask questions, so factor that into each appointment.

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