On The Job

It’s Ok To Be The Boss – Bruce Tulgan
When I first became a line manager, I was not sure how I would lead since I was going from a team member to a team leader. With the help of this book, I was able to make the transition, and become the mentor, and coach he suggested that a leader should be. It is work in progress everyday, but with this as a manual, I find the job much easier.
This book is a must read for all mid level managers.

How to Solve Your People Problems – Dr. Alan Godwin
I found this book in a Kinko’s store, and this was one of the best buy I have ever made. The author instructs you on how to use everyday tools at your disposal, such as email to document and follow-up issues that may arise at work. He gives great tips on how to handle difficult individuals, and situations. I have found his tips to be very useful both on the job and elsewhere.
A great buy and must have for anyone, not just managers.

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