It’s ok for a child to be disappointed

True story…..a friend of mine came over with her kids to my house for a play date. One of her kids had pink eye, but she did not want to disappoint her, so she took her over anyway, risking passing the bacteria on to my kids.
As if that was not bad enough, they wanted to go to the swimming pool, and she intended to have child hide her condition from the lifeguard and others by keeping her goggles, on. Ok, that’s where I drew the line! I had to explain that it was ok for the child to be disappointed…and she was! she cried :-(.

I explained to the mom and child how selfish it would be to pass the infection on to an entire community to satisfy one person. They now understand that they were being as selfish as the person who might have knowingly passed the sickness by coming to school. After our conversation, I think the child was more understanding than the mother. The mother then asked if they can now go to the swimming pool, but go to the movies instead just so that the child would not be disappointed. My response was that it’s ok, if that’s what all the kids wanted to do.

I really want to emphasize that it’s ok for your kids to be disappointed at times, we can’t shield them from all natural consequences and rob them of the growth and learning experiences that they will need to deal with real life.

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