Life after divorce

No one enters into marriage planning a divorce, at least no one I know. When the marriage doesn’t work individuals are left with hurt feeling, probably bitter, and feeling war torn. But how long should those feeling last, and should you let these feeling influence your attitude towards future relationships and the institution of marriage itself?
I think if you are that person who has been so damaged by the divorce process that you can no longer trust another, therapy may be needed. Everyone is different, and the fact that your marriage did not work is not a reflection of the process or institution itself, it’s a reflection of you and the individual you were married to. Marriage as an institution is a beautiful thing; it’s about two people loving each other, committing to each and taking care of each other. Yes, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but again this is not because marriage as a concept is bad. I will concede that the court system is screwed up, the lawyers are on the take and the spurned ex spouses are hell, BUT the system only does what we ask it to do, lawyers work for us and not the other way around. We ultimately control the direction that our divorce process takes. We make the decision on how much we want to fight and what we think is worth fighting for.
You must look at yourself and ask, what was my contribution to my failed marriage and divorce? It take two, there are two sides to the story and each will tell it differently. Only after facing the reality of your shortcoming and the reality that issues are a part of life and marriage can you be healed to move one to the next phase. So don’t let your passion and emotional health be destroyed by this one event in your life….life is too short to be spent being bitter. Staying angry hurts you, not the person you are divorced from. As a matter of fact, the ex-spouse has won if he or she has succeeded at keeping you angry and keeps you away for developing and maintaining a new caring and loving relationship; that’s exactly what they don’t want you to have as you move on with your life.
I say live life to the fullest, move on from your divorce and let yourself love again!

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Lottery Dreams

Have you dreamed of winning the lottery? I have…..

Dreams of:

  • Helping all family members
  • Donating to all my favorite charities
  • Building a park in my home town
  • Fixing all the schools in my town
  • Donating to hospitals
  • Best of all – Opening a technical engineering type school of which I am the principal
    So many great dreams, and what do I do….forget to buy a ticket….how you? 🙂 


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