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Social Media and Different Perspectives

  • I have to share my thoughts on this…how people see and respond differently to social media. I am one of those old timers on the internet who used it way back when it was IRC just text on Unix (yes I am that old! :-)), this gives you an idea of how long I have been online.

  • I recently had issues with a “friend” when I disclosed that I had looked at some of his family members on Facebook. For me this is an innocent move, I AM a huge Facebook junkie, I like to look people up out of curiosity and the fun of it, but never do I intrude in their lives by sending them messages or in-boxing them….that to me would be crossing the line. People look me up as well, and I don’t mind or care, as long as they are not slandering me or using my information in any negative way. To that end, I do watch what I post on Facebook and Instagram, I am always mindful that others may find me there.

  • I realized this weekend that for some, even the looking is crossing the line, it comes across as you being insecure or nosy, that was a new point of view for me as I am totally cool with who I am and my relationships. This point of view was a bit strange for me as I have a huge online presence, and I view all things online to be free, open and public information to be accessed by anyone, anytime, however. My bar is what the information is used for, and how it is used. Anyway, some people do feel that way, and for those of us who are internet, online junkies, we have to be aware and respect these perspectives when we are in relationships with others. Ask clearly what their views are regarding this. Don’t assume that it’s harmless.

  • Since it was a strange point of view for me, I did a poll, and yes, about 30% of people interviewed do find it offensive for others to poke around on any social media looking for them. My question is though, if someone is so private, why are they on social media? Anyway, I learned a huge lesson, “If you look, don’t say you did!” (chuckle). Ok guys that was a joke….if you don’t disclose, then it becomes snooping vs browsing.

  • What is your opinion? Should people be free to look up anyone, whenever, however?

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    Handling Heartbreak of Any Kind

    How do you handle heartbreak?
    – Do you cry?
    – Do you scream?
    – Do you Lash out at the person who caused it?
    – Do you Lash out at yourself for making a mistake and beat yourself up about it?

    I am a bit more practical. I figure you can’t get back the spilt milk, if you apologize to the hurt party and try to make amends and they want to move on with their lives, then give them room to do so. Don’t lash out, don’t try to get mean or nasty to get back at anyone. Life is too short to be angry. Figure out how to deal with your hurt the best way you can and move on.

    Life happens and hurt happens, find your good place and go there. Don’t ever let heartbreak determine the rest of your life, the path you take and how you deal with others.

    Move on!! and do it gracefully.

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