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Sick Kid

Do you have a kid who is more needy than the others? It feels like that one takes more out of you? sicker, whinier, and in general harder to manage.

I have one of those, and one of the hardest thing to determine; is he truly sick and can’t go to school, or is he just faking it?
I have a general philosophy, if you have no fever, and does not show visible signs of dying, then you must go to school. This guy has always find ways to get around that rule 🙂 He can make himself show visible signs of dying. I will allow him to sit out school, and I am told as soon as I leave home to head out to work, he’s fine, up and watching television. Of course, when I call home, he’s groaning and whining.

I will have him for another 4 years before he’s gone off to college, until then, we will keep playing the game of sick or no no sick.

How about yours?


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Lottery Dreams

Have you dreamed of winning the lottery? I have…..

Dreams of:

  • Helping all family members
  • Donating to all my favorite charities
  • Building a park in my home town
  • Fixing all the schools in my town
  • Donating to hospitals
  • Best of all – Opening a technical engineering type school of which I am the principal
    So many great dreams, and what do I do….forget to buy a ticket….how you? 🙂 


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