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It’s Ok To Have Me Time

So you get home from work, and you are met at the door with screams of, “MOM” and everyone is waiting to tell you about their day.  You are tired, but you smile and ask all the right questions, and now it time to unwind, and deflate from your day.  How do you get your time, and should you feel guilty for wanting it? [Read more…]

Should You Quit Your Job To Stay Home?

This is one of those topics that I think about time and again  I like the idea of being independent and working, but I also like the idea of staying home with my kids, I guess I am one of those women who could have gone either way if given the opportunity, but the idea of staying home was never presented to me growing up.  How many of you reading this could have gone either way as well?  [Read more…]

Madness in the Mornings – The Rush To The School Bus

Last school year, I was getting my kids up in the mornings, and the yelling did not stop until we left the house.  No one would get up, and then it took forever to get out of the house.  Then someone told me a story about a young man who could not keep a job and that changed my mode of operation. [Read more…]

Working Mom vs Working Non-Mom – The Salary Divide

I read an article on Business Week Magazine a while ago that discussed the disparity in wages between the salary of the working woman vs the working mother. [Read more…]

Should I Give My Kids A Cell phone?

When do you think a kid should get a cell phone?  This answer varies depending on who is asked.  I have heard some parents say not until the kids can pay for it themselves, and I have heard other say 16, 13 etc. etc. [Read more…]

Should Kids be Allowed To Use Facebook?

Many of you might have gotten the Facebook question.  I answered “NO” for 2 years until my oldest guy turned 13 years old.  It was difficult for me to say yes, but I thought the only way for him to gain trust was to earn it.  So I buckled 🙂 [Read more…]

The Quest For The Right Nanny – The Childcare Dilemma

This is generally how the discussion goes when we are looking for a new nanny, we go back and forth:

Kids: “We want someone young mom, someone who can relate to us.”

Me: “I want some older, someone I can relate to, who is stable and can follow instructions.”

This is one of the most dreadful things to deal with as a working mother.  I started using live-in childcare when I had my second child.  I added the cost of daycare, and the risk cost of speeding down the highway to get the kids before 6pm, and decided that paying someone and having the convenience of them in the home was much better than daycare. There is also the added benefit of some light housekeeping.  Biggest problem however is finding the right person, who, where and how. [Read more…]

On Going Green —— Do we have to be totally paperless?

It’s a little after midnight, and the kids are in bed.  I have tucked everybody in, and now I am getting to the emails from the teachers! [Read more…]