Social Media and Different Perspectives

I have to share my thoughts on people see and respond differently to social media. I am one of those old timers on the internet who used it … [Read More...]

Handling Heartbreak of Any Kind

How do you handle heartbreak? - Do you cry? - Do you scream? - Do you Lash out at the person who caused it? - Do you Lash out at yourself for … [Read More...]

Should we give allowance to kids?

I am writing not to offer advice this time but more in a seeking capacity, so anyone who has insight and can offer some feedback on allowance giving, … [Read More...]

Life after divorce

No one enters into marriage planning a divorce, at least no one I know. When the marriage doesn't work individuals are left with hurt feeling, … [Read More...]

Bad marriages and the kids

I have heard many people say regardless of how bad marriages are couples should stay in it for the kids as they need and deserve to be in a two … [Read More...]

It’s ok for a child to be disappointed

True story.....a friend of mine came over with her kids to my house for a play date. One of her kids had pink eye, but she did not want to disappoint … [Read More...]

Working mom and the challenging teenager

What do you do if you are a working mom raising a challenging teenager who is heavily influenced by his peers, the culture and ignore many of your … [Read More...]

Sick Kid

Do you have a kid who is more needy than the others? It feels like that one takes more out of you? sicker, whinier, and in general harder to … [Read More...]

Lottery Dreams

Have you dreamed of winning the lottery? I have..... Dreams of: Helping all family members Donating to all my favorite charities Building a … [Read More...]

Do you tell employees about potential layoffs?

Here is the dilemma, you are a middle level manager, and changes or potential layoffs are coming to the organization that could possible have an … [Read More...]

Are You A Breastfeeding Mom Enough?

Are you mom enough?  What makes you mom enough, is it how long you breastfeed, is it how much time you spend doing for your kids instead of teaching … [Read More...]

The Agony of Summer

As a working mom, one of my most dreaded time of the year is Summer.  The school year is ending and the big question is what to do with the kids? … [Read More...]

Working Moms

WeMomsWork is a Blog that covers all aspects of a working mother's life. Issues ranging from protecting the kids on social media such as Facebook are … [Read More...]

Dealing With A Stepchild

It is a known fact that divorces in America is about 50% and that of second marriages is even higher. One of the factors affecting second marriages is … [Read More...]

Why Won’t Americans Take Vacation?

I have been working now for over 20 years in the technology industry, and in every company that I have worked, people will complain that they don't … [Read More...]